I have just got my PinePhone with PostmarketOS!

I was previously using LineageOS, \e and something that I could call “DIY degoogled Android”. My current phone was found as abandoned and not working device about 3-4 years ago. Since then it is becoming more and more disfunctional. As I was trying to learn more about telephone network, and I started understanding that smartphones are evil I thought PinePhone was the way to go. I want to dump network packets and see what the telephone network does.

I had a short presentation of a PinePhone by a friend. She showed me different OS options, phone operability, and ensured that if I am OK to debug some things sometimes, I should be fine. Without more thinking I took my choice.

After some time waiting for the restock, the phones were back available!!

My firstly first impression after unboxing is to forget “smartphone” forged habits. With PinePhone you are back to RTFM principle. It de facto stops you to say: hey! have you read the notes before touching anything? And this is something I appreciate a lot.

Rant on.

The principle of technology working without customization and having to learn it is a lie. This “intuitive” approach forces everyone to follow a mindset that is comfortable to hegemonic culture, leaving the rest obliged to adapt. And not even providing tutorials of this “intuitive” usage, replacing it with symbolic images that for some (me) are totally un-understandable.

Rant off and back to PPhone.

Things I have learned:

  • the screen lock password is at the same time the user password .
  • What was necessary for the phone (Internet) to function was setting the time (it was originally the epoch start). I had some issue setting the timezone, as the accept button was outside of the screen, if there was any. I closed the window and it appeared that the Zone setting was actually accepted.

Steps to follow now:

  • I am looking for an exhaustive start-up guide, Arch style.
  • software repositories are empty, need to understand how that works.
  • I had black screen with the blue led blinking. I don’t know yet why.
  • how to get the “-” sign on the external keyboard
  • therefore, how to do proper debugging (I got stuck after “journalctl …”)

Yey, but overall, super excited!


OMG! I can play nethack on my phone! Finally the progress made it up to here! :D

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