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The complete season is available on the Pirate Bay in 1080p and 360p.

In most cases, you don’t have anything to fear, since the encryption on Android phones is pretty good these days. However if you really feel like it could compromise you in any way, I can’t imagine a hammer wouldn’t do the trick.

As soon as the one year on my domain is finished, I’m leaving GoDaddy.

Hardened Ungoogled Chromium and a self hosted SearX instance for me!

From experience. When I was first starting out using Linux, I used Manjaro for around a month. It booked around twice, and I wasn’t able to fix it the second time by uninstalling some packages.

Especially if he’s going to be doing some gaming, I’ve had great luck with the Debian Sid based distro Siduction.

I would not reccomend Manjaro. It breaks often and is much less reliable than vanilla Arch or even Artix. Fedora is plenty bleeding edge enough for most gaming needs, Endeavour OS is a much better easy to use Arch based distro.

Off topic, but it is worth letting you know that in 99% of cases, a VPN is going to do nothing. There are still many other ways to identify you other than your ip address, and the only difference is that instead of your ISP taking your internet logs, your VPN is taking internet logs.

It takes like 5 minutes to harden Firefox and 30 minutes to build librewolf from source.

Hardened Firefox + Searx, along with Noscript, Ublock Origin, and cookie autodelete. Mobile is the same thing but with Mobile Firefox.

I personally use Metager. Open source, and funded by a nonprofit. Its also carbon neutral which is really nice.