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Serenum: a weather service that respects your privacy
When I was finished with [Serenum API](https://codeberg.org/serenum/api), I started over with the website Serenum to show the data from the API with style. I built the website with no JavaScript first, building for an example the bar charts with HTML and CSS by hand. After everything was done, I added 2 features with JavaScript: getting your current location 1 time with GPS and adding a map from Leaflet for choosing a place with it. Thanks to this strategy, Serenum works perfectly with and without JavaScript. The website are far from done, though. Both astronomical calculations and light theme are missing, more features with JavaScript will be added, and more.

Thank you :)

Yes, they do have the power to decrypt your data and peak into it, but why should they? Pavel and his brother created Telegram mainly for privacy. Source: https://www.businessofbusiness.com/articles/why-telegram-founder-pavel-durov-made-the-worlds-most-anti-authoritarian-messaging-app/

I would love to see that you can self-host Telegram and also see the source code for MTProto. So far, they don’t have done this. On their FAQ page, they say “yet” to making Telegram self-hosted and federated. With other words, they haven’t decided if they will make Telegram self-hosted or not yet. Source: https://telegram.org/faq#q-can-i-run-telegram-using-my-own-server

I love privacy and I also love self-hosting. So much, that I am building my own services in order to not use other services, for an example a weather service. But I do trust Pavel because Telegram are awesome (duh) and because his purpose of Telegram and because he is informing his users and others in his channel about stuff (bonus link: the Telegram Geeks channel).

The future has not been written yet, but if Telegram continues to be this awesome, the future for Telegram is quite bright.

You get monitored by Facebook in WhatsApp thanks to metadata and Facebook are trying to somehow detect what you have sent to provide personalized ads.

Telegram are built on privacy and security. Except for the metadata, you will not be monitored and the non-personalized ads are only visible in huge channels (like Pavel Durov’s own channel) and groups. I am a member in Pavel’s channel and I have seen zero (0) ads so far. Guess they haven’t released this feature yet?

If you want E2EE in Telegram, stop using cloud chats and only focus on secret chats. They are working on adding secret chats to the desktop versions.

I am really looking forward to Telegram releasing the source code for MTProto as soon as Russia stops wanting the source code for themselves (Pavel’s words, not mine). We all know how Russia is.

Everything else except MTProto are open sourced.

I started to reclaim my privacy back in 2016 when I switched from Windows to Linux. Today, I only use Windows for gaming and photo editing (Adobe Lightroom are still the best out there for me).

When it comes to VPN, I have used Mullvad VPN for years now. Super cheap (only 5 EUR per month) and privacy friendly.

But VPN only encrypts your connections and points your IP to somewhere else. If you want to take your privacy seriously, you need to take some actions and not only focus on the VPN part. For an example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Discord, and more are really, really bad for your privacy.

Instead, use XMPP or Matrix for chat options. If you want an encrypted service yet get better privacy than WhatsApp, use Telegram. Signal uses servers from big tech companies, but yet Signal are still better than WhatsApp.

Mastodon instead of Twitter and Facebook. Revolt or Mumble instead of Discord. Invidious, Piped, youtube-local, or NewPipe instead of YouTube. ProxiTok instead of TikTok. And so on.

Use containers for Google and Facebook services in a browser.

I guess you get the idea 🙂