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I still think DDG is better than Google. Google can connect your search with lots of other services (email, youtube, android…). DDG obviously can’t do that.

What the alternative? I came to DDG from Google and going back is non-negotiable. Brave search? Startpage?

John Oliver was great when his show first launched, but in the past years he just became a spokesperson for the American mainstream. This sounds like he’s going back to his roots as a troll. I like it.

A quick web search shows that Jonah Aragon is a Mac fanboy. How can anyone care about privacy and still use a mac?

I switched to protonmail.com some years back. The switch was very easy and straightforward. As a bonus, ElectronMail is a pretty good desktop client.

For me it was the Edward Snowden revelations and seeing the horrible abuse of Julian Assange by the American government.

I use FF on mobile, but recently switched to Librewolf on the desktop. I don’t know the others and will take a look.