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well, the general goal is to have a community without spam, very off-topic content and toxic environment, it’s the moderator’s role to steer a community to that state

mods usually look through recent posts and comments, and remove those that classify as spam or vioilate rules of the website (mostly the former), but as of recently when reporting functionality was introduced to lemmy, a lot of it is just reviewing reported posts/comments and deciding whether to remove them or not, in the beginning one also get to shape the community by creating rules, general theme etc

the effort required varies depending on commitment and size/activity level of a community and website: in the beginning this instance was like 90 % spam, and users were overwhelmed with it, but now there are a couple of spam posts a day, rarely more

/c/privacy is looking for moderators
greetings everyone, there's already >3.5k members here, not all of them are active obviously, but there are still a lot of posts on this sub, and even more comments, i can't really meticulously go through each and every one of them if you are somewhat active in this community, and have been on lemmy (or one of the other instances) for a few months, and would like to dedicate some time to moderating this community, please pm me :)

this is actually pretty serious, I’m not sure how investigation government agencies work, so I’m not quite sure why the recent disclosure order would indicate such a high risk of data being taken offline, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry

if you have a server at home, or even your desktop or laptop, go download a few of the files, as many as you’re comfortable with, I think there are plans to later unzip all of the files and after properly structuring upload them to IPFS, which makes more sense in terms of data preservation and ease of availability and displaying/access

you probably already know this, but sci-hub is of paramount importance to researchers, scientists, students, doctors etc worldwide, it’s very important that this data is not lost to the greedy shitty scientific journals that frankly stole this work from the people would actually performed the research, peer reviews etc etc

this effort will also probably lead to additional clones and sci-hub-esque projects, which would help decentralize this data even further, and hopefully make the job of the journals and agencies harder by distributing their focus over multiple entities

i would sticky this post tbh, it’s pretty important…