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I don’t think there is one. What I do is use the website on Firefox wth uBlock Origin, and Decentraleyes add-ons.

If you cannot moves sensitive files to another storage device temporarily then, people should have those encrypted. With something like Cryptomator software.

But it helps in certain situations.

Install the APK directly

is not good security advise.

PINE64 PinePhone I am rooting for you. ;) see what I did there?

Another drawback is that it’s centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose.

You supposed wrong. If for some reason their servers are unavailable you still have local access but lose sync. Enough for exporting and using another service if necessary. Still you should create a backup once in a while.

But the major drawback is that I can’t trust it. It’s got a “premium” version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into “you must pay now that we have you by the balls” situation.

So you have a beef with paying for services? or believe you deserve a premium quality software/service for free? If you don’t want to pay then chose a choice that…

suck major ball sack…

Also some people already recommended Keepass but it weird you didn’t mention it since is usually the first result for FLOSS. That one seems to fit your requirements.

My hypothesis is the adage “out of sight, out of mind”. Is not the same having someone physically following you everywhere in a surveillance van, looking inside your home, when you buy groceries the cashier hands a copy of your receipt to the surveillance guy, etc. Since all that happens “hidden” away through the many services, apps, store cards, credit cards, etc. Although not all are too ‘hidden away’ as you can read it on their TOS and privacy terms or overwhelmingly obvious like in places like casinos with all the cameras but people cant be bothered reading TOS or got normalized to see all the cameras. We also often overestimate ourselves (human beings) thinking we have a level of intelligence and rational capacity but in reality we are more emotional and prioritize bias over rationality.

I trust Bitwarden. And even if they use Google analytics does not make them untrustworthy. It would be something that needs to be improved.

Can you provide more details? We cannot debate if there are no detailed claims.

Linux is great for gaming in the overall sense. Unless you play one of those games that for sure is not playable on Linux, in which case I personally don’t care for those games since I have plenty of games to be entertained. Sometimes we want or need to use specific programs and the best thing to do is limit our exposure, harden privacy. In which cases I suggest trying to be anonymous when using Twitter or Discord, and other social networks and prefer to have them on a browser tab instead of downloading an app to minimize the amount of the system information they can get. Of course all that along with going to their settings and harden it for privacy too per your use-case. There is some social networks that in my eyes are a prohibited no matter what like facebook, and others that my use went from 100% to 10% like with google. 10% being YouTube and Maps. For VPN, well, is tricky. 1st is not always really needed, it has its uses. Many don’t really need it. 2nd you’ll want to avoid the free ones but there is a workaround like getting it along with other services like ProtonVPN or paying for discounted lifetime accounts when you see those promos. That way is way cheaper but is still a pay service.

just…just make sure they know you disapprove and is doing it reluctantly because is everyone vs one. That using facebook for anything serious is unacceptable for privacy and security reasons.

I hope it wasn’t a business meeting. Otherwise using the Facebook platform for meetings is just dumb.

There are browsers that try that only to have broken websites left and right. cough*(GNOME Web)

Many of the responders are in negation that the projects and the internet runs with money 💵. All these privacy conscious companies are trying to find solutions to balance having Ads with everything else. Remember most people online wants or expects everything to be free as in free beer. Innovation and coordination requires the Ads companies, which are mainly Google or Facebook. What should be scrutinize is How they do it more than What they do, to the extent that is reasonable.