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While it is generally true that completely free* providers make money off of your personal data, some of them are run by not for profits and are funded by donations. An example of this is disroot.org.

*As in, not freemium

Compared to Android? Not really if you’re willing to harden it or install a custom ROM like DivestOS. By default? Maybe, but right to repair is an issue.

Maemo Leste (Mobile version of Devuan) is better than both.

Mull since they are basically hardened firefox on mobile.

That would be even better since you can’t block it, though Google has been trying to make analytics also not blockable, which is why privacy protecting legislation is always better.

EDIT: Well, you can block it, but then the website will think you are a spambot. There is no “block analytics block” yet.

Unfortunately they use both Cloudflare and Electron. EDIT: Electron article uses Cloudflare so I linked to wayback machine instead