Welcome to Lemmy, I'm one of the devs and admins for this instance. Being pro-piracy, and allowing torrent magnet links 🏴‍☠️ , is one of the original reasons I started working on lemmy ( even a lot of the better reddit alts refuse to allow magnet links, or be pirate-friendly). One of the best ways to keep the stream alive, is by decentralizing the ways we find and access content. Torrents do this directly for data, but I hope that lemmy, as a federated reddit alternative, can eventually serve as a platform to aggregate, post, and comment on pirated data in a decentralized way. [More info about Lemmy including docs, how federation works, and a good onboarding site.]( Welcome aboard!

Spotube - music client which utilizes the power of Spotify and Youtube public API
- FOSS - free - privacy oriented - no ads [Github](

Multilingual (german/english) movie torrents
Hey guys! I hope you can help me out on this like the last time I was looking fir help :) How do you manage multiple languages of media? I watch movies in english but my family in german. I can find the movies in 4k in english but with german movies it seems to be a bit tricky. I can find 1080 stuff but not 4k. Do I need to download it, extract the audio stream and append it to the 4k movie or are there better solutions? Maybe indexers/trackers which specialize in german (and english) movies? And is there an indexer for german audiobooks? I am now active in abtorrents but there are only english books (which is great) and private trackers are beautiful because I can actively see how much I seeded in total. Some movies I download come with multiple languages but not most. I think about downloading the english 4k movie and the highest (sound) quality in german. Following is an untested (!) first draft of what I'd do. `ffmpeg -i test.mkv -q:a 0 -map a test.mp3` And then attach the audio stream to the 4k movie `ffmpeg -i input.mkv -i test.mp3 -c copy -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 output.mkv` I assume that there will be problem due to different lengths of movies/ sound streams, etc. But I haven't tested it. This is hopefully the last method I need to do. But in case I do it (good), where should I upload the torrent files afterwards such that noone has to do it but me?

rick and morty season 6 episode 1
Where can I search for rick and morty? I'm new to this. Any advice would be appreciated! Thx to @ghast I got into torrenting. My setup now contains sonarr and radarr with deluge as well as jellyfin. I almost got a 1 to 1 ratio! Pretty happy about it so far :)

Why does Invidious download so slowly!? It takes me a WHOLE ENTIRE MINUTE to download a megabyte!

I love books, I own an ereader _(a kindle)_ and while I would love to support culture I'm not giving Amazon a single cent. Any site recomendations for ebooks? EN or ES. Thanks.

Serie A TIM and DAZN, respectively the biggest annual football championship in Italy and the only affiliated legal livestreamer, recently launched an anti-piracy campaign on social media. The campaign features a poster image, picturing a dilapidated stadium, and two text lines reading "Piracy kills football. #stopiracy". The operation has resulted in people reacting with sentiments of anger and mockery against the streaming giant - and, rightfully so, considering the current scenario. It's far from the first time that DAZN, a lot more than other proprietary streaming platforms, shows itself as inadequate and abusive to its users. Since its introduction in Italy, people have been complaining about every kind of problem with the platform, from login issues to full-blown streaming hiccups with very high latency - which, for live sports events, is unacceptable, from a service selling itself for no less than €29,99 a month. Last Saturday, the Serie A started as a fiasco, with people being unable to login in time to watch the first match of the season. To try and remedy the issue, DAZN set up temporary servers, of which they posted links on social media platforms for people to open. The rudimentary solution only worked for an handful of users, which were still obviously dissatisfied for being unable to watch the game on smart TVs, as the links only opened in Web browsers. Issues with the platform have gotten so bad and common that, at the end of the day, one has a better chance of actually being able to watch Italy's big matchs by scavenging the Internet for pirate, free restreaming sites, rather than giving out hefty sums of money to a monopolistic corporation that, just [in May 2019, generated $11,5 million]( in revenue - only to get a bad service in return. Despite the huge issues making DAZN, the only legal platform, almost unusable for anyone, Serie A TIM recently had the audacity of creating and sponsoring their just mentioned anti-piracy campaign that likes to state, with big arrogance, how piracy would kill football. People are not stupid, and they will only take so much from an abusive corporation, before they get tired of it. Piracy will never kill football, and that is demonstrated by the fact that millions of enthusiasts still like going to the stadium - and they pay for it. The only thing effectively killing football nowadays is predatory capitalism. _Edits: corrected some spelling mistakes and clarified that the campaign stems from Serie A TIM_

Is there a torrent with all fiction books in libgen?
So I don't have to download each book when I want it, I would like to download everything as I've seen it's 2.7 TiB from the total of 121.2 TiB: [Size of Libgen, March 2021: 121.2 TiB](

Do all p2p protocols require a list of addresses to connect to more peers? Where to find them?
I'm using mldonkey which supports many p2p protocols. For the edonkey protocol it required a `server.met.gz` file to connect to more servers. Do I need something like that for the rest of the netwroks? overnet, kademlia, bittorrent, opennap, soulseek, gnutella, gnutella2, fasttrack, directconnect, fileTP.

libby: a simple CLI tool to quickly download books from libgen (Library Genesis)
libby scrapes Library Genesis with curl and pup and gives you a list of downloads with fzf. I made this because I felt the alternatives were too slow. Feel free to add issues/feature requests/PRs! The tool is available on the AUR as libby-git. [GitHub]( [Source](

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