Un dels serveis: una xarxa de bots autònoma i sigilosa en xarxes socials

The AIMS avatars, as Jorge demonstrated, are not solo performers; they are able to sing together in a choir. They can be activated in coordination as a campaign to disseminate messages by scattering the tweets or posts across ranges of time that imitate the genuine behavior of web users.

The creation of content is also automatic, driven by AI. You choose a tone (negative, positive or neutral) and the system generates tweets and posts that it is hard, nay impossible, to detect as machine-generated.

Justícia poètica per venjar una periodista assassinada arran de l’assatjament online

The project was initiated and coordinated by the Paris-based organization Forbidden Stories, which pursues the work of assassinated or threatened journalists, and also took part in the investigation itself.

The entire Story Killers project is dedicated to the memory of Gauri Lankesh – the Indian journalist murdered in Bangalore in 2017, following incitement and the dissemination of disinformation against her on social media.

Sobre la consulta del 9N diu

The next segment in the “Team Jorge Presents” horror show dealt with disruption to a 2014 referendum on the question of Catalan independence from Spain. According to the clip, the disruption was caused by a DDoS attack (standing for distributed denial-of-service – which overwhelms a site with traffic, knocking it offline). According to then-Catalan leader Artur Mas, the cyberattack damaged the Catalonian internet on the morning of the referendum. However, the vote was not canceled and those responsible for the event have not been located.

Jorge also took the credit for reports in the Spanish media during that time about supposed ties between the separatist Catalan party and the Islamic State. How was that manufactured? “They found leaflets connecting the party and the radical [Islamists], and the intelligence [services] start investigating,” Jorge related, adding, “You never know how things happen. Crazy.”

Capitalisme de la vigilància i el control social
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