Clearview AI aims to put almost every human in facial recognition database
Investor pitch said 100 billion photos would make almost everyone "identifiable."

Roba les imatges de totes les plataformes socials:

"Clearview has built its database by taking images from social networks and other online sources without the consent of the websites or the people who were photographed. "

Només per a finalitats repressives:

“It limits the uses of its system to agencies engaged in lawful investigative processes directed at criminal conduct, or at preventing specific, substantial, and imminent threats to people’s lives or physical safety.”

Ja té 10.000 milions de fotos de cares i vol arribar als 100 mil milions.

«Clearview has already racked up 10 billion images and is adding 1.5 billion images a month»

Això passa a estats units, entre empreses i sota lleis dels estats units, però que controlen la informació de mig planeta, inclosa europa.

Les selfies a insta ya tal, no?

Capitalisme de la vigilància i el control social
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