I still feel like I’m not taking privacy seriously enough. I haven’t gotten a VPN yet because that requires pay and I am too lazy to try to get money. (I wish there were free (in pricing) VPNs.)

  • @southerntofu@lemmy.ml
    112 years ago

    I started taking privacy seriously when i first learnt about Echelon network in the late 90s. I wondered why so many resources would be used for surveillance, and why governments would be secretive about it. Then i started reading on anarchist history and political repression and somehow it ticked.

    Since then, following many political trial against militants has only reinforced my analysis. Privacy is not (and should not be) a way for an individual to shield oneself from the consequences of misbehaving with their peers, but rather as a popular self-defense tool against the State apparatus. Nation States only exist to maintain/enforce oppression and force everyone to live in a single unified way: they can’t do that if they don’t know what everybody’s doing.