I still feel like I’m not taking privacy seriously enough. I haven’t gotten a VPN yet because that requires pay and I am too lazy to try to get money. (I wish there were free (in pricing) VPNs.)

  • @fadelkonA
    12 years ago

    Thank you for all the sources. I’ve just finished reading them. Those tell me that they look to have good intentions, but don’t reply to the fact that their “encrypted cloud chats” mean “we store all your content encrypted but we keep the key for you”, and essentially: “we won’t look at it”.

    However, they really can look at it. And at some point, Durov will change his mind, will die, will go bankrupt and sell all the databases, or maybe not. But you can’t rely on this “maybe not” when we are talking about privacy or security (imo privacy is just a subset of security)